Who We Are

Our Message, Model, Roots, History, and Facilities.


Our Message

We embrace a Full Bible Theology

We embrace a full Bible theology. We believe the only way to have an ongoing relationship with our creator is through Jesus Christ. He has has brought us into this relationship through His death, burial, and resurrection. Romans 10:9-10 states: "If you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by confessing with your mouth that you are saved."  We look forward to being united with him one day in Heaven for all eternity, until then it is our mandate and calling to work together with other like minded believers in sharing the good news about Jesus Christ.

Our Model

Sharing Life Together

We believe in a Biblical Model of Church Life. It is amazing how often we read the word 'friend’ or 'friends’ in the New Testament. When most people think of the church today, the word 'friend’ usually doesn’t come to mind. We think of religion, tradition, liturgy, duty. But the Bible is all about people sharing this life of faith together…with Jesus Christ, with each other, and with our community. Our model of ministry is…"Sharing Life Together."


Our Mission

Engaging our city in a non-religious manner

There are a lot of churches in Tyler! We would like to reach out to the 50% of our city that don’t attend a traditional church. Our vision is to establish a Specialty Coffee Shop Church in South Tyler where we engage our city 7 days a week and not just Sunday mornings. The move to our new location this fall is another step in that direction. We feel ministry happens every day of the week as we live our everyday lives for Christ.

Our Roots

Fulfilling the Great Commission...

Harvest Church began as a dream in the hearts of some young people in 2003. The dream was a New Testament Local Church involved in fulfilling the Great Commission. They began a Bible study in their home centered on the Book of Acts. The study quickly grew to around 45 youth from Teen Mania Ministries (North of Tyler). God connected Southlands Church in Los Angeles California with this vibrant study in June 2003, where they began to pray for a couple to plant a church in Tyler, Texas. February 2004 Dave Bianchi and a small team form Southlands came to visit to encourage, pray and teach. A month later Dave & Lea came to visit with a feeling that God was calling them to plant. On that trip, our hearts were joined, the call confirmed, and with input from Southlands eldership team as well as the Apostolic team we related to, plans began to plant Harvest Church in the Fall of 2004. There were 5 young folks from Teen Mania committed to the plant. On that trip we drove by a church building that was for sale two blocks from the bible study. We stopped by for a look, the doors were all open and nobody was there so we decided to take a look. Upon returning to California, Dave called and negotiated the purchase of that church building, the closing date was September 2004. Another couple from Southlands committed to moving and help with the plant and 5 Teen Mania folks were in too, and on October 3, 2004 Harvest held its first service at the 3034 McDonald Rd location.